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Move It! : Motion, Forces And You (primary Physical Science)

Move It Motion

Your children will love this fantastic book by Adrienne Mason. Written by Adrienne Mason and it was published by Kids Can Press. The book went on sale in August of 2005. The children's book is 32 pages long. To obtain your personal print of this children's book, visit the button on this page.

Kids Can Press

MPN: 9781553377597
ISBN: 1553377591
Author: Adrienne Mason

Developed with all the cooperation of a science consultant, this book in the Primary Physical Science series is a tool to teach the physical sciences to young children. Move It! follows science curricula and is loaded with surprising facts and hands-on activities created to hold young readers' interest and tap into their fascination with all the everyday globe. Move It! explores the physics of why and how things move.


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