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Isaac Newton And Physics For Kids: His Life And Ideas With 21 Activities (for Kids Series)

Isaac Newton And Physics For Kids His

I'd like to share with you this excellent child's book called Isaac Newton And Physics For Kids: His. The author is Kerrie Logan Hollihan and it was published by Chicago Review Press. This book became available on the 1st of July, 2009. The child's book is 144 pages long. The children's book is 11.02"H x 8.46"L x 0.39"W. It weighs around 1.05 lbs. To pick up your own personal print of this book, visit our partners via the add to cart button.

Chicago Review Press

MPN: FBA-|279060
ISBN: 1556527780
Author: Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Isaac Newton was as strange as he was intelligent. Newton invented the refracting telescope, explained the motion of planets and comets, discovered the multicolored nature of light, and produced an totally new field of mathematical understanding: calculus. In a couple of brief years, he created astounding discoveries in physics, astronomy, optics, and mathematics— yet never told a soul. The world might have been a quite distinct place had Netwon's theories and observations not been coaxed out of him by his colleagues. Though isolated, snobbish, and jealous, he almost single-handedly changed the course of scientific advancement and ushered within the Enlightenment.

Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids paints a rich portrait of this brilliant and complicated man, which consists of 21 hands-on projects that explore the scientific concepts Newton produced and the times in which he lived. Readers will build a simple waterwheel, develop a 17thcentury plague mask, track the phases of the moon, and test Newton's Three Laws of Motion using coins, a skateboard, along with a model boat they construct themselves. The text consists of a time line, online resources, and reading list for further study. And through it all, readers will learn how the son of a Woolsthorpe sheep farmer grew to grow to be the most influential physicist in history.


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