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Fizz, Bubble And Flash! : Element Explorations And Atom Adventures For Hands-on Science Fun! (williamson Kids Can! Series)

Fizz Bubble And Flash Element Explorations


Gives instructions for a variety of experiments that examine the characteristics of some of the common elements around us.
Shopping for an impressive book? Fizz, Bubble And Flash : Element Explorations : element explorations and atom adventures for hands-on science fun! a great book! Written by Anita, Ph.D. Brandolini and the publisher is Williamson Pub. The book was released sometime in 2003. The paperback children's book is centered on Chemical elements and is regarded as good juvenile literature. The children's book is 128 pages long and it has a number of illustrations, select the hyperlink below.

Williamson Pub

MPN: FBA-|285673
ISBN: 188559383X
Author: Anita, Ph.D. Brandolini

For ages 8+. Discover what you have in widespread with party balloons, footballs, personal computer chips, pizza dough, table salt and TV screens;"Break"a water molecule, produce fluorescent light (without producing use of a switch! ; Find out why broccoli smells, why soda tends to make a coin shine, the secret of static cling, and what makes a smoke detector work.) , enjoy a half-life snack, compare antiperspirants, and separate the iron from your breakfast cereal! They make your world -- and beyond -- move and groove, fizz, bubble and flash! What do elements have to complete with your everyday life?


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